Fix to Blank (Empty) pages in Google Analytics

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Hey guys,

This is a quick post on a fix that I’ve found for the Google Analytics problem.

I’ve had been going to Google ANalytics page getting a blank screen. First I get a warning message above and then just a blank screen. I checked the HTML and there was just an iFrame so I didn’t know what was going on. Tried different browsers, deleting cookies, cache, etc.

The real problem is that AdBlock plugin from Chrome is actually blocking this page. So the solution is to go to the Extension options and whitelist so that it’ll load.

I hope this helps you. I’ve had this problem for a week and it was driving me nuts!

See ya!

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  • Vladimir


  • Charley

    Thanks! I lost Google Analytics about the same time I upgraded to Firefox 20.0.1.
    Disabling Adblock brought Analytics back.

  • James

    Thanks a lot. Been locked out for a couple days now and it was really frustrating me!

  • Mandy Steinhardt

    Thanks! I have been really confused about this!

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